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    I’m still getting the message that I cannot connect to the Travelnet from my home computer. Any news on when it will be back up and how can I list while it’s down?

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    I found the problem with the help from Delta IT. A great guy informed me that there is a new portal

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    Jane AL

    Still unable to use my iPad to sign in. Is this going to temporary?

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    The portal has changed. Just go to and sign in

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    It appears that the link above takes you to Delta University?

    The website is a Microsoft access SharePoint website; after logging onto that, there is an icon on the top navigation called “travelnet” and once clicked, you are redirected to “” which is the TravelNet portal to book your flights non rev flights.

    We used to be able to login directly into the “” TravelNet portal, but it seems I keep getting a security error which prevents me from logging in.

    So simply go to “” and logging from there.

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