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    I tried to use my buddy pass on March 27, 2014. The flight I was listed on was full so I did not make it onto the flight. All flights that day were full, so I decided to not fly that day and rather use the Buddy Pass in the middle of May (I was going to change my listing at the airport on March 27 so that I could travel in mid-May, but I didn’t want to bother the Delta staff at the airport – they were too busy). I would mow like to change the flights on my listing so that they are good for this weekend (May 15) instead of March 27. The Delta employee that issued me the buddy pass is on business travel and therefore cannot update my listing for me. I went to the airport with my Record Locator number hoping that they would be able to update my listing but they were not able to update it for me (they said that my original listing was too far in the past to access my record). Is there a phone number or website that I can use (as a non-Delta employee) in order to change my listing? Thanks in advance for the help!

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    There is a special 800 number for non rev riders, the number used to be 1-800-325-7123, or you could also try calling the regular Delta number. They don’t condone this, but in my experience they are quite nice if you are.

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    Thanks Steve for the help! I called 1-800-325-7123 – but that was a fully automated number that would only let me list a flight on my Buddy’s account (I was never asked to enter my Record Locator number – so it didn’t realize that I was calling about my buddy pass). Is the normal Delta number 1-800-MY-DELTA or 1-800-225-2525? I called the 1-800-225-2525 number and they referred me to the 1-800-MY-DELTA number (which was also a fully automated reservation system for employee travel). I can’t seem to find a number that either (1) services buddy pass riders or (2) connects me to a person that can assist me in changing my listing. Do you have any additional advice?

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    That 800 number does work but at dial up speed.
    It used to be done with the touch tone buttons on the phone.
    It has been enhanced to be used with VOICE commands.

    “BUT” to use this you have to have the employee ID (payroll) number 9 digits 000000000
    followed with the employee’s date of hire 00/00/00.
    Then you are in business – just listen to the prompts.

    Best to have your schedules prepared in advance by going to and printing them out.
    Otherwise you are having the computer do a vague search – it does work but it is slow.

    If you call the regular 800 number 1-800-221-1212 try to call at off peak hours think late
    evening hours in Atlanta although your call may be routed to other reservation call centers.
    As Steve has noted be nice – plead for sympathy and have your ducks in row – you are here
    and need to go there – look at your list of flights – which ones are workable for you –
    have the agent check it out – alternatives/different routings – NOW don’t tie up the agents
    time – If the call center is not very busy the agent may continue to help you but keep your
    activity to a minimum – check – list for the flight(s) and Thank You and end the call !
    If you try to call when the weather is bad in one part of Delta’s system – this may not be
    the best time for your call. – If you have a lengthy wait getting thru on your call this may
    be a hint that it is not a good time.
    Get familiar with and learn how to check the number of seats available by looking at
    the schedule of flights from here to there – clicking on one of them and then clicking on
    VIEW SEATS. The seating diagram will reveal how many seats are left unselected. It will not show
    the non-revs and their class of pass but will show the potential if any of getting on the flight
    you are checking. A good sign generally is if the First/Business class section is wide open there
    is a good chance that you may get on in coach with frequent flyers upgrading to First leaving a
    coach seat behind and open.
    Plan to travel first thing in the AM morning and non-stop if possible.
    Do not wait to the last flight of the day/night when all the delays/cancellations/oversales peak
    and other non-revs come bumping you lower and lower on the list – Get the picture here ?!

    Lastly your sponsor of your Buddy Pass should not abandon you leaving you on your own to work out
    your travel plans – this reflects badly on all the rest of us trying to use the system !

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    Thanks! I’ll let you know how things work out.

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